Our Brands

The Marketing Group creates products and services that allow users from all over the world to earn rewards and make money – whether it’s online or offline. These products allow advertisers to directly engage their target market, and build a stronger rapport with consumers.

4 million Members

Over $5 Million Paid

1000s of Daily Offers

Through GrabPoints, advertisers can reward users for completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, signing up for offers, or completing other tasks. With four million active members from all over the world, GrabPoints gives advertisers the opportunity to tap a larger market.


1000+ Offers

1500+ Partners

NET 30 Payments

A rewarding network centered around our highly sought-after Offer Wall with thousands of incentivized offers.


1000s of Quality How-to Guides

10+ Money Making Forums

1000s of Active Members

EarnThatBuck is a self-moderating community dedicated to sharing tips and info on making money. While most of these posts discuss opportunities found online, the forum covers everything from app reviews to self-publishing, and even odd jobs. At EarnThatBuck, no opportunity is left unturned.